Friday, December 6, 2013


I knew this was fishy. I recently went on an interview with Michael Malkovich and was offered to continue the process, but I didn't because they are a SCAM! Ask him has he owned other businesses like these on your SCAM interview!

My girlfriend used to work at a company called Maxis Consulting over in Tigard. When I came home and told her I went on my first SCAM interview and the guy offered me a 2nd SCAM interview on the spot after only meeting with me for about 10 minutes. She knew something was fishy too! I thought 10 minutes may have been decent considering the guy before me was in and out in 3!

Anyway this guy used to own a door to door company that must have went out of business or something because she used to work there in 2009 with another guy Thomas Feliciano. All she kept saying was they promised training pay and she never got it because it's a scam. They sold crap and promised to be opening up 3 other locations with a guy Lloyd who did her interview and 2 others, but then they went out of business and now all of a sudden this guy she said they call "Milk" has this company TRAILBLAZERS MARKETING scam they have been selling for scam Comcast.

The thing is they offer paid training and base pay, but there all these tricks and scams on how to get it. I looked into it further and this guy owned RMM Business Solutions and Maxis and now Trailblazers Marketing. It's like he is just opening and closing scam businesses left and right just to make a quick buck off the people he promises growth. WHAT A SCAM!

I don't know how long he is been taking advantage of people and their time and money, but it's been going on for at least 4 scam years, just recreating new scam businesses to run from the bad press of scams.

Milk is a scam conartist he has got a long list of them in different states too. Once we started looking it up my girlfriend said he used to make her uncomfortable the way he talked and laughed while looking at her.

Comcast has crappy service anyway I could work directly for Comcast and at least get paid hourly Guarunteed! THIS MILK IS NO GOOD FOR YOU

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